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Catch Documentation System


Traceall Global works to create industry-led standards on traceability and food security in order help combat illegal activity such as illegal fishing. The Catch Documentation System (CDS), designed in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, was created to provide full traceability throughout the supply chain and enable small fishing fleets to legally record details on their catch.

Make it mobile: CDS can be used on an easy-to-use mobile application designed for artisanal fishermen in remote areas to record details of their catch. Moreover, the CDS web portal provides the ability to access management information in real-time.

Stay in the know: To enhance sustainability efforts, this technology helps manage and improve efficiencies in supply chain management, asset utilization, stock control and maintenance of assets. Users can monitor assets for location, temperature, power, humidity, energy efficiency and retail product planograms, thus supplying important information for confident decision-making. This system also provides alerts in order to flag potential problems throughout the business cycle.

Do it all: The Catch Documentation System allows fishermen to not only document their catch, but also trade with processors and retailers, receive weather updates and warnings, access bank loans and fish legally and sustainably. Also available is the eLog system created in partner by Traceall Global and Seatonics.

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